Recipe for Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

Welcome to the Recipe for Smoked Haddock Kedgeree A classic kedgeree recipe, this smoked haddock dish is perfect for a winter lunch or supper. Smoked haddock is cooked in milk with onions and rice, then finished with eggs, butter, and parsley. Serve hot, garnished with lemon wedges if desired.

When it comes to smoked haddock kedgeree, there are a few key ingredients that you’ll need to make this dish. First and foremost, you’ll need some smoked haddock. You can usually find this at your local grocery store or fishmonger.

Secondly, you’ll need some basmati rice. Again, this is easy to find at most supermarkets. Finally, you’ll need some eggs – preferably free range.

To start, simply cook the rice according to packet instructions. Once it’s cooked, set it aside in a large bowl. Next, poach the eggs in a pan of boiling water for around 3 minutes until they are cooked but still have a soft yolk.

Remove them from the pan with a slotted spoon and set aside on a plate. Now for the smoked haddock. In a large frying pan, heat up some oil over a medium heat and gently fry the haddock fillets for around 3 minutes each side until they are cooked through and flake easily with a fork.

Once they’re cooked, add them to the bowl of rice along with the poached eggs and give everything a good stir together so that everything is evenly mixed together. To finish things off, season well with salt and pepper before serving up into bowls and enjoy!

Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Recipe

What is the Best Way to Cook Smoked Haddock?

There are many ways to cook smoked haddock, but some methods are better than others. One of the best ways to cook smoked haddock is to poach it. Poaching is a gentle cooking method that helps to preserve the delicate flavor of the fish.

To poach smoked haddock, simply place it in a pan of simmering water for a few minutes until cooked through. Another great way to cook smoked haddock is to bake it. Baking allows you to infuse the fish with other flavors, such as herbs and spices.

To bake smoked haddock, simply place it on a baking sheet and bake at a moderate temperature for 10-15 minutes until cooked through. Whichever way you choose to cook your smoked haddock, be sure not to overcook it as this will make it dry and tough. Smoked haddock is best served slightly pink in the middle; if you prefer your fish more cooked then reduce the cooking time accordingly.

Why Do You Poach Smoked Haddock in Milk?

Poaching smoked haddock in milk is a popular method of cooking the fish. It is said to help keep the fish moist and prevent it from drying out. The milk also adds a richness and creaminess to the dish.

Why is Kedgeree Called Kedgeree?

Kedgeree is a curried rice dish that originated in India. It was brought to Britain by the British Raj and became popular in Victorian England. The dish is typically made with smoked fish, rice, curry powder, and hard-boiled eggs.

It can also be made with leftover cooked fish or shrimp. The word “kedgeree” comes from the Hindi word “khichri,” which means a mixture of rice and lentils. Khichri is thought to have originated in ancient India, and it’s possible that kedgeree was inspired by this dish.

What Does Kedgeree Taste Like?

Kedgeree is a rice and fish dish that originates from India. It is typically made with smoked haddock, rice, butter, eggs, and spices such as curry powder or turmeric. The dish can also be made with other types of fish such as salmon or trout.

Kedgeree is usually served with boiled eggs and boiled vegetables such as peas or carrots. The flavour of kedgeree is quite mild due to the use of smoked haddock. The fish gives the dish a slight smoky taste which is complemented by the spices used.

The rice helps to absorb all the flavours making each mouthful very tasty. If you have never tried kedgeree before then I would recommend giving it a go. It makes for a great breakfast, brunch or even dinner dish.

Recipe for Smoked Haddock Kedgeree


Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Jamie Oliver

Smoked haddock is a type of fish that has been smoked over an open fire. This gives the fish a unique flavor that is often used in traditional British dishes. One of these dishes is known as kedgeree.

Kedgeree is typically made with smoked haddock, rice, eggs, and curry powder. It can also include other ingredients such as peas, onions, and tomatoes. The dish is usually served for breakfast or brunch but can be enjoyed at any time of day.

If you’re looking to try this delicious dish for yourself, why not check out Jamie Oliver’s recipe? He includes all of the classic ingredients mentioned above, as well as some additional ones like lemon juice and parsley. With his step-by-step instructions, you’ll have no trouble recreating this classic dish in your own kitchen!

Kedgeree Recipe

Kedgeree is a delicious and hearty rice dish that is perfect for any meal. This recipe is easy to follow and can be made in just a few minutes. The key to this dish is to use fresh ingredients, so be sure to get all of your ingredients ready before you start cooking.

Ingredients: 1 cup basmati rice 2 cups water

1 cup milk 4 tablespoons butter 4 eggs, boiled and chopped into small pieces

Easy Kedgeree With Smoked Haddock for 2

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Kedgeree is a delicious, hearty dish that’s perfect for a winter meal. This easy kedgeree recipe uses smoked haddock, and can be on the table in just over half an hour. To make this easy kedgeree recipe, you’ll need:

2 fillets of smoked haddock 200g basmati rice 1 onion

1 bay leaf 50g butter 2 eggs

100g frozen peas A handful of fresh parsley, chopped Start by cooking the rice according to package instructions.

While the rice is cooking, fry the onions in the butter until they’re softened. Add the smoked haddock and bay leaf to the pan, and cook for 5 minutes until the haddock is cooked through. Remove the bay leaf.

Crack the eggs into the pan and stir everything together until they’re cooked to your liking. Stir in the frozen peas and chopped parsley, then serve with plenty of black pepper. Enjoy!


Smoked haddock kedgeree is a delicious and easy-to-prepare dish that makes a great breakfast, brunch, or light supper. The recipe features smoked haddock, rice, hard-boiled eggs, and peas, all cooked in one pan. The dish is flavored with curry powder, turmeric, and cumin, and can be served with chopped scallions and plain yogurt on top.

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